Rapdizzle releases album art for his upcoming SmaLL cHops single album set to be released in February, 2017.

Happy New Year and a big “Akwaaba” to our New President and to all Ghanaians I say a very big Thank You for making this day historic 🇬🇭

I want you to know that this year, somewhere February (which also happens to be my birth month), I would drop my debut album titled  “SmaLL cHops” which is focused on giving my listeners and fans the capacity to taste the food (GOOD Music) I have prepared and to appreciate my versatility with the various genre(s) of music as I serve with passion, love and genuineness

I deem it fit to release officially, the album art for my SmaLL cHops album this day and ask all and sundry to lend a helping hand in pushing it high.

Thank You for supporting RAPDIZZLE music

🇬🇭Long Live Ghana Music

Expect a WoW


Signed: @rAPDIZzle

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